This is ResClub.

A new paradigm in vacation residence ownership.
It seems everyone has this idea that renting their vacation home can be profitable. Except when you consider the taxes, insurance, HOA’s and wear and tear on your home – not to mention that you’re now managing the risks and headaches of property rentals.

Enter ResClub – 
Not only a new and better investment model – but one that delivers all the rewards with none of the traditional headaches and costs. 



Short Term Investors

This is a real estate debt investment in which investors have transparent visibility to the SEC filing, with subscription documents visible on the investor’s secure account.

An annual report is also available. Dividend payments are distributed the last month of each quarter. 

The final payment includes the original investment.

Our current ResClub Short-Term Portfolio includes high yield, short term investments to finance acquisition, construction and development. 

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