IAB Communities Inc. Atlanta 12% Return

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IAB Communities Inc. Atlanta 12% Return

Social Impact Investment. IAB Communities are private residential home communities for the purpose empowerment.

Social Impact Investment:  Based upon a Non-Profit/Profit collaboration model, IAB Communities are designed as an empowering community methodology that combines the best of a small neighborly atmosphere where families can live. These communities are "launch pads" of empowerment providing a safe, secure, and productive atmosphere to live and learn new job skills, prepare for school, and train for and begin a new career in the embrace of a caring organization. Located in areas within close proximity to public schools, medical, grocery and other shopping, and all daily services and needs, IAB Communities provide a normalized daily life experience.

The concept of Tashauna Richardson (T. Rich), and her "I Am Beautiful...#The Movement", these residential communities of small homes, surrounding a central park area and community center, create an environment of growth through social interaction, with programs designed to guide the residents on their path to success.  Supported by the Craig Shawn Williamson Foundation and powered by ResClub, the Atlanta installation is the first of many across the country.

What if you had the opportunity to walk through a gate and on the other side of the gate was peace, love, and a new life? Sometimes the hand that’s dealt is not the one we want, but your journey was designed specifically just for you. IAB Communities will meet you when your road map isn’t clear. It’s a great thing to pull over and ask for help. I’ll meet you at the gate.  T. Rich

“Community” has a lot of definitions.  For IAB Communities, it means an immersive and protected environment among compassionate friends, and a warm hug,   It means a safe place to pause and to take a calming breath in life.  It also means a place of growth and resurrection, an inspirational and aspirational experience that can rocket you and your family forward to empowerment.”  CSW

IAB Communities - Atlanta includes:  

HOA, maintained with gates and electronic access.
  • Community Centers
  • Wifi
  • Kitchen
  • Conference room and events center
  • Classrooms
  • Day Care
  • Gym
  • Grassy Park and sports area
  • Playground
  • Splash pad
  • Basketball court
Homes are 800 to 1600 square feet of warmth and comfort. 1 bdrm 1bath to 4bdrm 3bath.

Fully furnished with designer interior.

Kitchen Appliances *TV *Washer/Dryer *Central Air/Heat *Kitchenware *Bed and Bath *Dinnerware.  Every home is family ready.

In addition to the community itself, the Community Center includes conference facilities for gatherings and seminars, classrooms, and active learning daycare.  Programs that are available to qualifying residents are under the program name "The Grace and Grit Path".

"BeYOUtiful You”  A Mother'scareer training program with local employers.

"Ja'Kari's Way"  Programs designed for children ages 5 and under in an active learning daycare, School Preparation for ages 6 to 12, and Computer Coding for Greatness for ages 11 to 18.



Use of Proceeds

Use of proceeds will be for all purposes within the development and outreach of the project.  This will include but not limited to the land purchase, soft costs, infrastructure, and vertical construction.  Also includes the branding, marketing, administration, legal, accounting and quarterly audits of the project.  Start up of internal services such as career training and guidance programs, childcare and education, security, maintenance, utilities, insurance and all services of common areas.

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

This investment is a debt investment secured by real estate.  All disclaimers, rights and responsibilities are found in the Subscription Agreement.

Risks & Disclosures

Investment involves a high degree of risk and, therefore, should be undertaken only by qualified investors whose financial and other resources are sufficient to enable them to assume these risks. Prospective purchasers should carefully consider risk factors, in addition to all other information contained in the Subscription Agreement, before investing. The risk factors provided are not meant to be an exhaustive listing of all potential risks and additional risks not presently known to the or that the Company currently deems to be immaterial may also affect the Company, the purchasers, or the Membership Rights. Prospective purchasers should consult with their own financial, legal and tax advisors prior to investing.

Prospective purchasers should carefully consider, among other factors, the matters described within the Subscription Agreement, each of which could have an adverse effect on the Company’s ability to pay annual returns to the owners under the program in which purchasers are participating (Returns). When considering the risk factors and other considerations described below, prospective purchasers should understand that the proceeds from investments of will be used to acquire real estate, and the Membership Rights and Returns that may be payable there under will therefore depend to some extent on the Company’s ability to procure a sufficient number of subscriptions be able to confer the benefits contemplated by the program. The following discussion of real property with respect to the Company and the attendant risks should be read to include the Company’s interest in the real property and investorss indirect dependence on such real property with respect to their Returns, as well as their ability to use and enjoy such real property.

Previous Funding

Initial funding provided by ResClub LLC, I Am Beautiful...#The Movement, and the Craig Shawn Williamson Foundation.

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